individually tailored naming ceremonies

Naming Ceremonies are not just for babies.

Although they are usually the way in which we welcome new children into the world, they can also be for older children, children adopted into a family, or as part of a Wedding Ceremony to include children from previous relationships into the new family group.

The standard religious ceremony involves you committing to the responsible and loving parenting of your child. Your friends and family also commit to support you in that process and, importantly, to support your child. This is no different to a bespoke Naming Ceremony, except that the promises you make, the people involved, the elements that you include are all chosen by you.

Many non-religious people do not have a ceremony for a new child, as they believe the only available option is a religious one. However you can still stand in front of your family and friends, and share your hopes, dreams and love for your child.

Many people do not have a ceremony to welcome a new child into the family when that child is adopted or from a previous relationship as they do not know such ceremonies are possible. How much more special and loved will those children feel when you declare your love, commitment and dedication to them in front of your family and friends?

You can select from elements such as time capsules, blessing boxes and family hand bonding. You can chose the music that is meaningful to you, plant a tree, release balloons, and welcome the new addition to your family in a very special, tailored way.

At Red Rose Ceremonies, respect for your unique spirituality and beliefs is paramount to creating a modern, fresh, bespoke and emotionally appropriate Ceremony that is truly tailored to you and includes all the elements that you would like to make your event unique. It is about creating those special memories that will live with you forever.

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