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Covid Arrangements

Funerals are a time of confusion and uncertainty, Weddings a time of joy and both are a time of gathering together.

Finding comfort in marking the passing of our loved ones with some form of service or ritual or sharing the joy of a wedding is vital for our health and wellbeing – it is a tradition passed down through the years.

It is important that in these times of self-isolation we are able to mark the passing of our loved ones who we have held dear in life: to still be able to connect and offer comfort and support to each other.

It is important that we can celebrate with each other, and still share in the joy of two people who love each other being joined together and committing to each other.

I will still meet with families via a video link to chat about your day and make any arrangements needed.

Modern technology allows online streaming for services which families can be included in no matter where they live. Near or far, they can be present whilst remaining safe in their own homes.

Although this will not be the same as physically meeting family and friends in person it will bring some measure of comfort during these times of new restrictions and additional ceremonies can be booked for a later date when we can all meet up in person.

Why a Civil Celebrant?

A traditional church service, for a naming, wedding or funeral is a beautiful thing if you have a religious belief. But there are many people who do not have a religious faith, choosing instead to show their values through the way they live their lives. If this is you then a church service may not feel honest, appropriate or sincere.

At Red Rose Ceremonies, respect for your unique spirituality and beliefs is central to creating a modern, fresh, bespoke and emotionally appropriate Ceremony that is truly tailored to you and includes all the elements that you would like to make your event unique. It is about creating those special memories that will live with you forever.

Why Red Rose Ceremonies?

Through years of experience in performing and writing I have the skills to deliver a personal, tailored, meaningful ceremony that will be treasured. My role as a celebrant is not about me, but about you. It is about using my skills to perfect your ceremony; to collaborate with you, (because the ceremony is truly a collaborative effort), to make your event special. I want to honour your beliefs, traditions and intentions to create as memorable an event as possible. I would welcome the opportunity to meet you and have the privilege of creating your unique ceremony.

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